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Humans prefer to trust machines with their innermost secrets instead of other humans - explicitly, doctors. Refer to the article - A virtual shrink may sometimes be better than the real thing

Why is it tough to build AI to diagnose mental illness?

  • Historically mental health disorders have primarily been defined by subjective and clinical features

  • Depression is too complex to be reduced to a single biomarker.

Some exciting projects or ventures that I came across which are working on this:

  • X2AI - It detects extensive data on speech phrasing, diction, typing speed, and grammatical voice to correlate with emotional state.

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Mobile Apps - Lantern, Joyable, MoodGYM, and

  • Wysa - AI chatbot

  • Woebot - uses an instant messenger app to conduct sessions with users. It starts with open-ended questions like "What's going on in your world right now?" "How are you feeling?".

  • Cogito, record and upload an audio diary entry, the app can assess the patients' status, picking up cues of depression and mood changes, by analyzing how they speak.

  • The University of Illinois computer scientists developed, DeepMood, which predicts depression with very high accuracy in a pilot study, providing some independent proof of concept for passive mood tracking via an individual's keyboard activity.

  • NeuroLex Diagnostics, a tool for primary-care doctors to diagnose schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression and has developed a prototype that works on Amazon Alexa.

"Yuval Noah Harari claims that people really don't want to produce, they just want to be happy, and our technology and knowledge will be so remarkably advanced that we could still the elixir of true happiness."

What do you guys think about using AI to diagnose mental illness?

Reference: Deep Medicine (Book)

PS: In March 2019, I wrote a blog on my website. The solution of Mindfulness is in tech?. I think this might be a very relevant read.

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