VC Portfolio Support Strategy

Shortening VC Learning Cycle

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This week's newsletter covers pieces around building a successful portfolio support strategy.

Some of the relevant content related to VC portfolio strategy that I have recently come across and presently using it in my work at Moonshot Ventures: 

  • Bloomberg Beta Open Source Operating Manual:

  • Different kinds of Portfolio support strategy in the VC world:

    • Act as a Hedge fund - invest and leave the portfolio - in theory, it is a more scalable strategy. E.g., Correlation Ventures

    • Mentor strategy -systematic, standardized support - this is the best working strategy - Historically proven approach - it's a relatively low cost

    • Portfolio Operator Strategy - requires a significant investment of capital - a lot familiar in PE world

  • Main themes/areas of support:

    • Recruiting

    • Outsourced Financial Services - especially for tech startups

    • Service Providers - PR firms, legal firms, SEO firms - it takes a lot of money in advance - late-stage VCs do that

    • Templates of how to build your company

  • Listen to David Teten's thoughts on Portfolio Support Strategy:  

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